The ‘Ding’ Moment

Published: 25 Apr 2015 By: Mr Winstanley

It has been great to see so many of our students taking their exam preparation seriously. Teachers here at Castle Rushen have done the usual; given hours of extra time and input to their classes in the run-up to the exams. The’ding’ moment is always fantastic to witness, it refers to the instance when you see a student connect with a topic. To put it in pupil-speak, it’s when they say “Ahh, I get it”.


I’ve seen a lot of ‘ding’ moments recently, going over previous learning, particularly when guided and supported by one of Castle Rushen’s immensely talented teachers, often results in greater understanding and ultimately confidence when asked to do the same in an exam situation. Students who have given up their time to attend before, after and weekend sessions  will soon reap the rewards.

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