About CRHS

Castle Rushen High School’s catchment area covers the whole of the south of the Isle of Man, roughly south of a line between Santon in the East and Ballakillowey in the West.  The population is concentrated mainly into the settlements of Castletown (where the school is located), Ballasalla, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

Castle Rushen High School is a very distinctive community with a positive and progressive ethos.  The agreed approach is to value individuals equally and to help them secure a pathway to success during all stages of their time at the school (this includes students and staff).  Staff and students enjoy their learning and they all work hard for success.  Development is innovative and the school has not been afraid to lead on pilot schemes that have become embedded through their success, e.g. the school’s Connex group with Southern Befrienders; the introduction of Team Leaders for Creativity and Skills; the introduction of additional practical learning in to the curriculum; provision of more flexible Key Stage 5 pathways, including collaboration with two other Manx schools; and the Year 7 learning pilot.

The School Day

09.00-09.25        Registration/Assembly/Tutor Time
09.25-10.15          Lesson 1
10.15-11.05           Lesson 2
11.05-11.20           Break
11.20-12.10           Lesson 3
12.10-13.00          Lesson 4
13.00-14.00         Lunch Break
14.00-14.55          Registration & Lesson 5
14.55-15.45          Lesson 6
15.45                     End of pupil day

Important dates for parents

Important Dates 2016-2017

School Bus Timetable

School Bus Timetable