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CRHS presents "The Domino Effect"

The Domino Effect


Ms Anita Parnell has withdrawn from the Parent Governor election process, which means there is no longer the need for a ballot, and Mrs Angela Katz is Castle Rushen High School’s new Parent Governor.

Thank you to all those who had already submitted ballot papers, and congratulations to Mrs Katz.


KS5 Pathways Evening 2016 - Date Change

Please be aware that the KS5 Pathways Evening will be held on Tuesday 23 February 2016 rather than Wednesday 20 January as originally advertised.

Data Processing Information

To understand how the Department of Education and Children obtains and processes your information please visit this link:-

As a member of a school community it is necessary to process your information but this will only be done in accordance with the Data Protection Principles.

The information you provide, and that obtained from other relevant sources, such as registers, letters you send in, forms etc, will be treated confidentially and used by your child(s) school to fulfil its legal/statutory obligations.  Elements of this information may also be shared with trusted third party’s who support the school in the delivery of their statutory requirements, where necessary to confirm factual information provided by you, to protect public funds, including the prevention and detection of fraud and/or otherwise required by law.